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Surprised probably isn’t the best word for what happened. Shocked would be more like it.

I had been house-sitting and pet-sitting for my daughter and her family for 8 days while they were on a cruise to Jamaica. I brought my small dog and would go back every day to check on my elderly cat. At the time they had two small dogs, one a Schipperke named Nyx who was the sweetest dog (she has since died), and Pako, or as I called him Pacito Malo (bad dog), a chihuahua with an attitude.

I went over on Saturday afternoon to stay with the dogs (and two outdoors cats and two fish) and things were going well. Then came Sunday. When Pako is in the house, he wears a leash because it supposedly makes him better behaved (lies). On Sunday afternoon, after I let the dogs in from the back year, Pako got by my without my getting his leash on him, which he doesn’t like anyway. He went between a chair and the sofa and I went to put the leash on him and he bit me. Twice. Hard. Hard enough to draw blood through 4 deep puncture wounds. I think he may have felt cornered, but the damage was done. Of course my daughter had no antiseptic cream so I washed the wounds as best I could and found some bandages to use. I was quite shaken and should have gone to the pharmacy to get hydrogen peroxide and antibiotic cream, but, as I said I was shaken and it hurt like hell.

Over the next few days, it was obvious the bites were infected. I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday so thought I would wait until then to go to see her and get them treated. Did I mention that this was Ramadan and so I was fasting during the daylight hours, which probably didn’t help. I had to take my dog to the vet on Wednesday and when my vet saw the bites, she said, “get to the doctor! Those are infected!” and then proceded to tell me that the doctor would have to report the bite and the dog would have to be quarantined.

Sure enough, on Thurday the doctor had to report the bite and said to expect a visit from Animal Care Services. She gave me antibiotics that were hell on my empty stomach (it’s Ramadan, remember?). I felt awful, had a fever, and a very infected hand.

On Friday, Animal Care Services showed up and told me the dog had to be quarantined for 5 days (10 days since the bite) and I could either bring him to their facility or his vet. I chose his vet so he could get his shots and nothing bad would happen to him. I took him to the vet and had to pay up front for his boarding, shots, exams, etc. I felt awful leaving him there since he had been sweet after the bite incident.

On Sunday, my daughter and her family came home and immediately noticed that Pako was not there. I explained the situation to them and all hell broke loose. The granddaughters were crying, my son-in-law was angry because “the house was trashed” (there was dog hair on the floor and a couple of Pako’s puddles I had missed). Did I mention that we were all confined to the living room and kitchen, that I slept on the couch, and brought my own food? My daughter was hysterical; Pako is like her baby. No one asked how I was doing (not well, thanks, the doctor had to change my antibiotics so I wouldn’t be so sick); no one said thank you for leaving your home and caring for ours. No one said, thank you for taking care of the vet bill.

I went upstairs to comfort the granddaughters and while I was up there, I could here a lot of yelling downstairs between my daughter and her husband. When I came down, my daughter said, “You have to leave NOW!” Her husband had told her to throw me out of the house. I was in shock. Luckily I was packed and granddaughter #2 helped me carry things to the car. I got thrown out of my daughter’s house for getting bitten by her dog!

I was accused of provoking the dog to bit me, trashing the house, costing them extra money (no, I paid the vet). I was persona non grata in that house.

Up until then, my daughter had refused to let me wear my hijab (headscarf) when I was with her or the girls. She was upset that I had converted to Islam even though they are not religious. I remember going home in a daze and going to say my evening prayers. I could hardly get them out, but afterwards, I just remember saying, “Allah, I choose you.” I decided that my therapist and my daughter were not going to dictate to me what to wear or believe, since he had told me to not wear my hijab around them and maybe that would be better.

So that was my big surprise, or shock, as it were: getting thrown out of my daughter’s house. And my son-in-law wonders why I’m not fond of him, since he told her to make me leave. That was last August and things have never been the same. I’m not invited to their home. I can go to pick up the girls for the movies or whatever, but I’m not really welcome in their home.

In fact, I’m writing this on this blog because she reads my other blog and I can’t write what I want or she gets wild. Somehow my private blog from another site got linked into the blog and it had some nasty thoughts in there. The blog is on Facebook and I can’t get it off, so she reads everything I write on that blog. So if you go to that blog,


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